Monday, January 04, 2016

Gratuitous Nev Schulman

That picture is like Hall of Gratuitous Fame worthy, isn't it? His chest hair makes me dizzy, you guys. The shot comes to us via what I believe is Nev's girlfriend's Instagram? I don't care enough to dive into the practical matters of his personal life, but as long as she posts pictures like this let them be!

Seriously. We've posted plenty of Nev in the past but over the break I also stumbled upon an Instagram account called "NevsChestHair" which, you know, posts what it sounds like it posts, and thar be loads upon loads of treasure in there them hills! (Furry furry hills.) And after the jump you'll find around fifty new-to-me shots from these two sources...


JH said...

God bless you JA!! That man's chest hair is a national treasure!! Can't see that enough!

Al O'Peesher said...

This man produces industrial quantities of body hair that he just loves to grow and display. I'm not complaining because he's gorgeous.
You can never have too much Nev fur on show!

Trich phwoaar treat