Monday, January 25, 2016

Good Morning, World

I really have got to toss some gratuitous gratitude Nico Tortorella's way, because he has given me, amongst other things, an easy out several times over when it's come to the daily grind of getting one of these "Good Morning, World" posts flung together when I don't have other inspiration -- just head on over to his Instagram and wham bam thank you Nico, we're done. 

Anyway there is sort of some actual news having to do with him -- he has been all over the place this past week telling anybody that would listen that he is one of those "doesn't believe in labels" types.

“We as a culture spend so much time labeling everybody and everything. But we are all one. [Sexual fluidity and gender fluidity] is something I live by, stand by, and represent.”

How nice for him! This is probably incredibly GAY of me (oh god, those exhausting LABELS) but whenever I hear somebody say they don't believe in labels my first thought is Soapdish...


Gabriel said...

Hey JA!
Obviously I cant speak for Nico or anyone but myself, but as a person who also prefers not to be labelled by any term used to describe sexual orientation, I'd like to speak up. Actually Im only doing it because I really care about your blog and about you, since i've been reading your words for years now and can say that you helped me in a lot of ways during the time that I was developing and discovering my own sexual identity (i'm now 22 yo). I cant say how grateful I am of MNPP, really.
Well, i've been with boys and girls, and I can now safely affirm that Im capable of enjoying sex and/or an emotional relationship with a person regardless of their gender or sexual orientation (that doesnt mean that Im attracted to EVERYONE, not even close). Maybe I would fit in the "bisexual" or "pansexual" categories, but I never really identified with these words. When I was a teenager I spent too much time trying to figure out WHAT I was, which wasnt helpful at all and made me very confused, and suffer because of it, for a long time. Instead it would have been better if I focused on what I FELT. Now I perceive my sexuality, as everyone else's, as something very complex and not completely immutable, and that's why I personally prefer not to narrow it down with a single word to try describing it.
That being said, of course I'm not against people who identify as gay or straight or as any other "label", and Im not sceptical about it either. Maybe in the future this terms wont be that necessary, but for now its still very important that we let people know who we are and what each one of us represent.
I know that a lot of people are starting to use this new (but yet another) term of gender/sexual fluidity, to the point that its starting to sound like a *cool trend*, and I do have some issues with this as well. But heck, at least people are talking about it and starting to understand that we are not all the same.
Well, I hope I could get my point across. All I wanted was to show you from my perspective why I prefer not using single words for describing something as important to me as my sexuality, and that not everyone that says that is just trying to sound cool or is in denial of themselves. If you'd like to talk further about this (or anything really), please feel very free to do so! =D
Really sorry if this long text is not really appropriate for this comments section... :P
Have a nice week!

greg said...

I think this idea that sexuality is complicated and far-reaching is a little ridiculous. Most straight people identify as 100% straight, so I don't know why gay/bi people are so afraid of labels. We spend so much time obsessing over terminology that no one else cares about. You're not that special. No one is. Gay. Straight. Bi. Pick one and move on with the rest of your life.

FoxVerde said...

@gabriel folks like u need serious help.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel - could you explain why "bisexual" doesn't feel right for you?

Jason Adams said...

Fox -- no need to be mean.

I have to agree that I don't get the problem with "bi" though. Words are just words and actually using one for yourself doesn't literally smother you -- I call myself gay but when I see Juliette Binoche rolling around on the floor of a limousine I probably feel a little tingle, but that doesn't make me toss the word "gay" out the window; I just realize that we all have an agreement that we're all living breathing people with inexplicable-to-ourselves urges all the time. Using a word is for the benefit of other people, not ourselves. It's so we're not sitting here for half an hour telling everybody what everybody knows already, which is that we're all horny fuckers, the end.

Except for asexual people. Don't ask me to explain that. :)