Thursday, January 07, 2016

Good Morning, Max

What a coincidence! Last night I stumbled across those photos of three contemporary German actors that I love including Sense8's Max Reimelt and here today it is Max's birthday! I think maybe Max's publicist has whispered some Japanese incantation and become a ghost in my machine or something, this is a lot of coincidence. Anyway Max is turning all of 32 today, and I imagine it's a not too shabby time to be him, what with not just the second season of Sense8 coming later this year but, you know, the fact that he gets to shoot the show and have orgies with people like Miguel Angel Silvestre and Alfonso Herrera and Brian J. Smith and on and on. 

These pictures here are from a 2006 movie called The Red Cockatoo (which co-stars Ronald Zehrfeld, who I was just watching the other day being a big sexy thing in the movie Phoenix, highly recommended) which means he was 22 filming it, which makes me feel less pervy because god he looks young. Phew. Well for more lots more of twinky little 22 year old Max hit the jump...


Spencer said...

Brett Dalton's Bday is also today! He should get a post! He's adorable and fine as hell!

Spencer said...

And he also had a gay scene on Beside Still Waters