Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good Morning, Gratuitous Olivier Martinez

I have paid verrrrry little attention to the marital drama surrounding Halle Berry and her babydaddies but I do vaguely recall the fact that Olivier Martinez, who is turning 50 today, somewhat recently beat the shit out of that model Gabriel Aubrey - I probably wouldn't have even remembered that much but I was confronted with pictures of said beating this morning as I tried to find pictures of Olivier for this post. Indeed it's like 95% Halle-Drama when you google him now, which makes me sad - he was once a promising young actor acting with Juliette Binoche, for goodness sake.

Oh well, we all can't be hot seemingly sane 29-year-olds forever. (Damn damn damn.) Anyway in between all that unfortunate business I sorted out some good and simple gratuitousness of yore from Olly (you can also see more in this previous post and in this previous post) so if you hit the jump you'll find it...

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luke said...

A shame he's never done any actual nudity and has said he leaves that up to his ugly brother Vincent.