Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Deadpool's One Master Baiter

Last night during The Bachelorette of all things they aired a new commercial for Deadpool and it was all about making us feel creepy ogling Ryan Reynolds in his fetish costume with great big whited-out Little Orphan Annie Eyeballs. Mission accomplished!

But just in case staring across his well-placed leather-clad crotch and into those terrifying pools of death was slightly too much much for you they somehow managed to fit in this shot of Ryan stripping off his shirt too...

... and pre-disfigurement at that, so I'll play along.
Here's the trailer:

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Carlos said...

Fucking hell, that body is crazy...i wonder how many hours he spends in the gym. Have you seen Marjane Satrapi´s The Voices? He is supposedly great in that. Congratulations for your blog!