Friday, January 08, 2016

Daniel Radcliffe Eight Times


Daniel really exceeded my expectations in the grown-up child-star sweepstakes -- at one point it seemed like he might age weirdly, but nope, he is looking great. Excellent work, Dan's Genes! Now somebody give the boy a decent acting job - he's also gotten pretty good at that stuff too, you know!


Anonymous said...

Random but I see you're currently reading The Wilds by Julia Elliott-yay or nay?

Jason Adams said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - extreme yay.

I'm about 3/4s done and there are some SPECTACULAR stories in there. I think the stories actually get better and better as the book goes along - the title story is perfection, and the one I just finished "Regeneration at Mukti" is hysterically funny satire. She's got a magic tongue.

PS if you're sold and you're going to buy it via Amazon buy it through this link so I make ten cents off of it, consider it my finder's fee ;)

Pierce said...

Get him back on Broadway! I saw him with Richard Griffiths in Equus, but couldn't get one for How to Succeed. How about Radcliffe in a revival of an old gay classic? Oscar Wilde anyone? Tennessee Williams?

Scot said...

He certainly grew up nicely. Pocket Hottie indeed!