Monday, January 11, 2016

All Roads Lead To Raoul Bova

I won't be posting it here because blecch but a trailer has arrived for the new Sarah Jessica Parker "romantic" "comedy" All Roads Lead To Rome, which would normally garner nothing but my scorn but but but she stole her beau from Diane Lane's Under the Tuscan Sun and the movie co-stars Raoul Bova, my Bova, and I cannot resist. Raoul never gets work in American movies so we've got to stick our heads up for this probable dreck. And they don't even get him shirtless once! Anyway watch the trailer here if you dare, or instead just hit the jump for shots of Raoul sans depressing context...

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sowhatelse said...

I will happily watch it just for Raoul and barely notice SJP. The worst part, though, looks like the lavendar-haired bitch of her daughter and her tiresome, textbook teenage recalcitrance. Who writes this dreck?