Wednesday, January 20, 2016

8 Off My Head - Animals Are Not What They Seem

As I'm sure you've seen mentioned here or there across the internet today (considering anybody who visits here is probably also visiting some movie websites over the course of a day) today is the 70th birthday of director and dark genius David Lynch. We are quite the fans! I was thinking about his movies this morning and was reminded of this piece I wrote for The Film Experience last year talking about the use of animals in surrealism with some of my favorite examples, and it struck me Lynch does this himself plenty. So here, for his birthday, some of my favorites!

The Owls on Twin Peaks
The Bug from "The Bug Crawls" (2008)

 Happy Dog from Blue Velvet

 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner from Eraserhead

The Deer Head from Twin Peaks

The Rabbit Family from Inland Empire

The Sandworms from Dune

Bird & Bug friends, from Blue Velvet


Bendt Mørch said...

No white horse? ;-)

is that so wrong? said...

the terrifying monkey face from fire walk with me!