Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Turn That Holocaust Upside Down

Turned out that Andrew Scott was woefully under-used in Spectre -- his character and Christoph Waltz's should've just been merged, honestly -- so here's to hoping his next few projects give our man Moriarty some acting to do; he's just signed on to co-star opposite James Bond's better half Rachel Weisz in Denial, an adaptation of a non-fiction book about a woman who had to prove in court that the Holocaust (yes, that Holocaust) really happened. The film will also star Tom Wilkinson and Timothy Spall.


Ryan T. said...

LOVE HIM. Here's hoping his popularity/name recognition increases to the levels of his SHERLOCK co-stars.

Anonymous said...

Good actors but I'm all holocausted, slaveryed and transgendered out at this point. If I never see another movie about either of those subjects again it'll be too soon.