Monday, December 14, 2015

Pics of the Day

In this here age of celebrities all having social media it's nigh impossible to keep up with The Kardashians it when you get a group of them together on a film set you're actually curious about and let 'em loose -- the set of Sand Castle, the upcoming military movie, has got Henry Cavill, Nicholas Hoult, Glen Powell, Logan Marshall-Green and several other sexy beasts all posting pictures of each other in uniform (see previous posts here and here and here and here) and, well, we want it, we appreciate it, we need it all. I think my favorite has been the shot below of Henry Cavill straight up equating a gigantic rifle with his genitals, but they're all pretty inspirational and you need to hit the jump for about eight more of them...

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Anonymous said...

We need more shots of Henry's delectable backside. I'd suck a fart out of his hairy asshole.