Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Behave One Kenobi

"Do you mean... Old... Ben... Kenobi?" Sure enough around the time I wrote that post earlier that I'm still sick, yo, my eyes just kind of glazed over and I went into a daze for the rest of the afternoon. So here are these pictures (via) of Oscar Isaac checking to see if Adam Driver's got the force in his pants on the Star Wars red carpet as a fill-in for my presence -- let's try this again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone attractive in the new Star Wars?

I don't get the appeal of Oscar Isaac at all!

Kelley Bradley said...

Issac's is on the cover of GQ with some nice pics inside too. It seems there was no fashion shoot featuring his wide butt.

Anonymous said...

^ He would have to be a woman for his butt to be featured in GQ -_-