Tuesday, December 01, 2015


The Seinfeld episode where Poppy pees on the couch was on last night and I was trying to place the hot furniture mover that Elaine dates in that episode and it turns out that it's David James Elliot, star of the extraordinarily long-running under-the-radar "hey your grandparents probably watched that show" show JAG.

And I realized upon looking him up that I've never 
posted any pictures of him! Can you imagine?

It's crazy! No I never watched JAG but dude's clearly right in my wheelhouse. So let's pretend we're celebrating his brand new role playing "John Wayne" (yes that John Wayne) in Trumbo, out in theaters now apparently (I couldn't have less interest in seeing Trumbo) and celebrate thusly...


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Mark Alexander said...

Mr. Elliott certainly seems to be packing quite the piece in that second photo. I may need some "alone time" now.