Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Illustrated But Not Illustrated By Jake

Here are two pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Dubai Film Festival this week (via) looking happy and shiny and pretty, which are all things I am not right now -- I am sick as a dog, a low down dog that's sick, very sick, and so I do not feel like he looks, is my point. I managed to prop myself up this morning (unlike yesterday) and shovel some DayQuil in my face and get myself into my office though, so I might post (unlike yesterday) since I've got my computer right here in front of me. Or I might crash and fall on the floor and never move again...? Anything seems possible at this moment. We will see how it goes. Just don't expect fireworks, people.


Pierce said...

For goodness sake, get off the computer and go back to bed! Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Why is not there a naked Jack in the film Everest even with the release of Blu-ray? yet showed ass in the film.