Tuesday, December 01, 2015

I Am Link

--- Jake Be Quick - The 10th anniversary of Brokeback Mountain is swift approaching - in case you don't have it scrawled in gigantic letters across your calendars like I do it's a week from tomorrow - and The Hollywood Reporter did an extensive interview with Jake Gyllenhaal looking back on the movie that's worth plowing through if you're even one tenth the fan of that movie that this spazz right here is. He actually talks about his entire career, from Donnie Darko up to working with Amy Adams right now on that Tom Ford movie.

--- Doubled Up David - I'd be a lot more excited about the prospect of two Michael Fassbenders at once before having witnessed the way two Tom Hardys onscreen at once was totally squandered in the movie Legend, but perhaps Ridley Scott can do right by the concept -- that's right, Sir Ridley says there will be two Fassys in the second Prometheus, or Alien: Covenant or whatever the heck they're calling it now. I hope they are both wearing that insanely provocative body-hugging jumpsuit still.

--- Book Jock - Alex Pettyfer's been making some news (or well "news" I suppose) this week - he's promoting a book his production company is releasing (I had to check, no he didn't write it, and no he doesn't have much in the way of film projects lined up) and he went on Bret Easton Ellis' radio-show (oh god of course he did) and talked about the beef between him and Channing Tatum on the first Magic Mike. It's all kind of strange (something to do with allergies?) but hey we got this gif out of that movie, so who cares about anything else?

--- Wisdom By Waters - It's the happiest time of the year, aka the time of the year when John Waters releases his annual Top Ten Movies list at ArtForum. As usual I am on board with like 90% of it (except for Gaspar Noe's Love, yuck, but I'm not surprised he picked it) with there being one or two titles that I haven't even heard about that I must see immediately. That Barefoot Bandit doc!

--- Player Of Games - I never got around to reviewing the 2nd Mockingjay movie; my opinion stayed vague, satisfied but vague.  And then I read this amazing piece at EW comparing the third book to its film counterpart and it made me rethink everything. Seriously good stuff, if you're a fan read it -- I'd always thought I was somewhat alone in liking the third book so much; I remember the reviews at the time shrugging. But this piece really captures the daring ways Susanne Collins ended her story and how the film sanded its edges.

--- Maybe Mogwai - Zach Gilligan says that if the third Gremlins movie ever gets off the ground there's a good chance he'll be in it because they want to make it a distant sequel a la Jurassic World and not a hard reboot, and since he's one of the few survivors from the originals (I have my doubts that they could coax Phoebe Cates out of retirement, sadly) he's probably correct. My lifetime-long love affair with Galligan cooled after seeing the crowd (super gross) he was running with at a screening a couple of years ago, but I s'pose it just ain't Gremlins without a Billy.

--- And Speaking of Eighties Franchise Staples and the side-long rebootish stuff coming our ways, we all know there's a new Ghostbusters movie coming but the question that matters even more has yet to be answered... but a big clue has been given! That's right -- Coca Cola has re-registered the trademark for Ecto Cooler! Everybody's favorite sugar slime is maybe making a return! (thx Mac) Dudes, I will buy all of it, ALL OF IT, and build myself a bunker underground and that's it, I'm gone.

--- Master Showgirl - Genius Paul Verhoeven recently won a special award at the Key West Film Festival and there he attended a screening of Showgirls, which I wish I could've seen, my god, I wish. He talked to The Playlist about that film and all his films, up to and including his upcoming rape-revenge thriller with Isabelle Huppert called Elle, which is basically the movie I want to see more than anything else in the world. No word on when it's out but he's finished filming, and they share this from behind-the-scenes, which is the first picture I've seen anywhere:

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