Thursday, December 17, 2015

High Flying Hugh Jackman Crotch First

The first trailer for the ski-jump sports flick Eddie the Eagle (see our previous posts right here and here) starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman and Hugh Jackman's Jeans is online and that shot above is how they introduce Hugh, which seems appropriate - no doubt Taron had to slalom them slopes at some point. Here's the thing:

Am I nuts or does it seem like a remake of that robot-boxing movie Hugh made just with a mustachioed little person in place of a boxing robot? Anyway they also released some images from the movie, which is out at the end of February, hit the jump (jump, get it, just like Eddie, ha ha, sigh) for them...


triggerua said...

Oh man this looks awful. So bad that I am guessing Elton John will turn it into a Broadway Musical in 4 years.

xex said...

Think the gif you posted basically was the highlight of the whole movie. Nothing to see here.

Glenn said...

Going simply by your pictures, it's amusing how tight they've tried to make Jackman's jeans, yet you know they spent hours and hours agonizing over the other guy's junk in that ski uniform.