Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #47

Last summer the Film Society of Lincoln Center did a retrospective of 1970s erotic art films by the soft-core pornographer Radley Metzger -- I posted a little bit about it right here. Well I wish I had gone to see his 1970 film The Lickerish Quartet now that I'm seeing the sex scene set in a glorious looking library! 

Yeah yeah the actor is a leering bouffanted creep - it's 70s porn, whaddya want? And I'm more interested in those shelves, those glorious shelves! Look at this set!

You can watch or buy the entire film on Amazon (not sure where their copy stands on the soft to hardcore scale) or you can watch the scene set in the library below. It is NSFW, but hysterically funny and good-natured in a way porn really needs to re-learn how to be.


mangrove said...

Why do you call it porn (twice at that)? Lickerish is not porn. Score is.

I certainly hope it's not that bemoaned American prudishness rearing its ugly head, so soon after the Garrel peen post...

Merry Christmas and all that rot!

JA said...

I haven't seen it! I don't have any idea what the sex-level in it is. And also I like using the word porn. That's all. ;)

Merry Xmas back to you, mangrove