Monday, December 14, 2015

Good Morning, World

That there is Transparent's surprise twink Alex MacNicoll (via) - I won't get into character specifics since maybe some of you are still like me circa two weeks ago and haven't started the show yet. I have started and entirely caught up on the show in the space of those two weeks thanks to a long bus ride to and from D.C. this weekend, so the show is on my mind. Like, branded on it. You know how those marathon viewings can do that. If you are a watcher of the show I assume the just-released second season is fresh on your mind - what did you guys think? I thought it was wonderful, wonderful, it is a wonderful show.

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FoxVerde said...

i like it too but i loathe the 3 children. and what the heck happened to gabby hoffman from uncle buck? she turned into a wild woman? she always looks like someone took a knife to her hair and is in bad need of a hot oil treatment. and "bath tubby" grossed me out.