Friday, December 11, 2015

Good Morning, World

A happy 46th birthday to the actor Max Martini, who stormed biceps-first to our attention just a couple of years ago with Guillermo Del Toro's film Pacific Rim, even though he's been around for much longer than that. When we gratuitized him properly back in 2013 we somehow missed that he's from upstate New York - my neck of the woods!

Somehow I thought he was from Australia or New Zealand - he's got the gruff presence of those strapping people, anyway. These pictures are from something called Edge, a pilot he did for Amazon with (speaking of Aussies) Ryan Kwanten; you can watch it here. I do not know if the show was picked up or not, do any of you? Anyway there's more much more to see so hit the jump for it...


George G said...

He kinda looks like Matthew Morrison's hot-daddy older brother.

Glenn said...

You probably thought he was Australian because he played an Australian in Pacific Rim. You also should have known better because he had one of the worst Australian accents in cinema history.