Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Good Morning, Tarzan

The first two images of Alexander Skarsgard (and some Margot Robbie person I guess is somewhere in there underneath that pile, that mountain, of abdominal muscles) in David Yates upcoming Tarzan movie have been revealed and holy shit, hole lee shite, somebody's been hitting the gym. The movie's out in July -- hopefully we'll get a trailer soo and it will be nothing but bending and flexing, bending and flexing. What's with the pants, though? I demand a goddamned loincloth!


Tom Thomas said...

OH MY GOD. I... I... I... can't speak.

Anonymous said...

Menswear is getting more and more conservative through the years.

White Queen with no tights.

Atlantis with ancient Greeks in trousers.

And now Tarzan in pants?

While the women wear lingerie on formal red carpet. Just kill me!

Bill Carter said...

"True Blood" may have gone off the rails those last few seasons, but how can one be anything but grateful to the show that introduced us to Alexander Skarsgard?

Lizou said...

Anonymous, I absolutely agree. Preach! Those pants better be a CGI fake out, so the loincloth reveal later has more impact. Like the secrecy around Furiosa's robo-arm.

Rob K. said...

Too much gym-ing on him, too much abs-overkill. I like my Alex more naturally hot. Which he is. Naturally hot.