Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Good Morning, Gratuitous Louis Garrel Again

It's not Louis Garrel's birthday today and I don't even know what movie these gifs are from, but I didn't have anything else to post this morning and I'd seen these making the rounds on Tumblr recently, so why not? That Louis has a nude scene out there that I'm unfamiliar with at this point, after all the posting and posting and posting, is enough of a gift to warrant a Christmas-Week lovefest. But these pictures do fit in with something I've had on my mind this week - namely, dick! (I know, "Just this week???" you're thinking.) 

Yesterday I read this article at Vulture talking about penis being all over TV this year, and then there's the conversation surrounding those shots of Zac Efron flashing what many have decided is CG Junk in the German trailer for his next movie -- next to Louis, strutting around not giving a shit, announcing to the world - Hey, it's just a penis! Half the world's got 'em! - doesn't it make Zac look like the biggest (heh) wimp imaginable? That they would spend whatever they spent on CG'ing Zac's anatomy is truly the obscenity here. The puritanical American attitude has been roasted a'plenty at this point, we've done it ourselves, but this takes the cock. Excuse me, the cake. Anyway let's celebrate the European attitude with one of our favorite European attitudes around, hit the jump for more Louis...

Louis l'amour.


Anonymous said...

that is from a christophe honoré movie called dans paris

Jason Adams said...

Thanks Anon!