Wednesday, December 02, 2015

First Shot Han

So let the Young Han Solo rumor-mongering begin! THR is saying that around 2500 actors (no I didn't make a mistake and add a bunch of extra zeroes there) have auditioned in some way shape of form (the wear and tear on that casting couch, can you imagine?) to play Young Han Solo in the Star Wars prequel that the Lego Movie directors are set to direct in 2017. 

There are semi-interesting names -- Dave Franco, Aaron Johnson, Logan Lerman, Rami Malek (cue the racists freaking out) for starters -- and there are absolutely horrifying names -- Miles Teller, Max Theirot, The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs (oh god), Ed Westwick (oh GOD). And then there are like 2450 names nobody's ever heard of. I hope they pick somebody nobody's ever heard of! I think the whole "Star Wars" thing sells itself, ya know? 

Or they can pick Idris Elba. He'd work too.
Who would you cast?


Anonymous said...

Tom Felton. That should be interesting

Drew said...

Did you see The Age of Adaline? Anthony Ingruber played a younger Harrison Ford and he was incredible. And he's mostly unknown.

Jason Adams said...

Oh my god Drew that is SUCH a great idea! I did see that movie and he was PERFECT