Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Don't Call Him Frankenstein

When we saw the first trailer for Rob Kazinsky's Frankenstein show back in May it was called The Frankenstein Code, which was a terrible name -- I said at the time that it "just has the ring of something that's canceled after an episode an a half airs" -- but it was better than the alternative original title, boring plain ol' Frankenstein. Well cut to half a year later and the show's set to air on January 13th...
... and it's now called Second Chance, which I actually think is a better title, given the tone that first trailer established. Yes it's generic, but the show looks pretty generic, and hey generic appeals to some people (look at all of the best rated shows for proof) so why not go for it? Anyway they're smart to slap half-naked Rob front and center in their advertising, at least. (pics via, thanks Mac)

1 comment:

Nick said...

He's lovely to look at, but I can't get past his shitty American accent. It's truly awful.