Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Do Dump or Marry - Three Dolarhydes

The third season of Hannibal hits blu-ray today -- it is so so good, go go buy it -- and so here now I shall ask you guys to Do Dump or Marry the three fellas that have played the dragon himself Francis Dolarhyde at this point in our pop-culture existence - Tom Noonan in Manhunter, Ralph Fiennes in Red Dragon, and Richard Armitage (and his little black underpants) on this show.

(My apologies to Tom Noonan, who'll inevitably bear the brunt of your dumps -- and here I was just praising Anomolisa, in which Noonan voices 95% of the characters. For shame, me.) Anyway after you've taken to the comments and answered the query head over here and read this great big interview show creator slash smart person Bryan Fuller on the making of the blu-rays and all of the extras, plus how much he loves Fargo. Yessir!

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Rob91316 said...

DO: Ralph Fiennes
DUMP: Tom Noonan
MARRY: Richard Armitage