Friday, December 18, 2015

Do Dump or Marry: May The Three Be With You

Time to pretend you're Princess Leia! (And don't even try to come on like you haven't done that shit before.) You're sipping some Bantha punch on the Millennium Falcon and feeling frisky and surrounding you are three strapping space bucks -- Luke Skywalker, the dashing Jedi with the Farrah wave; Han Solo, the pirate who shoots first and asks questions later; and that big hairy hunk Chewbecca, fingering his crossbow. Whose bunk do you sneak into, who gets tossed down the garbage chute, and who gets the great big shiny medal of forever? Answer in the comments! (This post was inspired by this hilarious conversation at Pajiba about Star Wars sex lives.)



i'm a Do HAN Dump CHEWIE Marry LUKE kinda guy. We don't always chooose what's best for ut!

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Harrison Ford does nothing for me in the Star Wars films. Maybe it's the 70s hair.

But in the Indiana Jones series in the 80s he's imo one of the sexiest actors ever!

Especially the shirtless scene in Temple Of Doom O_O