Thursday, December 03, 2015

Boys in the Desert

I was just thinking about this movie Mojave recently -- I saw it way back at the Tribeca Film Festival in the Spring and I liked it, but it appears I never reviewed it. It's written and directed by William Monahan, who wrote The Departed, and it stars Garrett Hedlund as a pretty-boy movie-star (big stretch) who gets involved, ahem, with a crazy drifter played by a scene-chomping Oscar Isaac.

I call him "scene-chomping" but it's in good fun and I liked his performance a lot by the end, although at the start I will admit that I had my doubts. You have to adjust yourself to this thing's tone. Anyway I say these two become "involved" but it's sadly not as gay as it should've gotten. They never are! Here's the trailer:

The movie is out on DirecTV today, and it will apparently get dropped in some theaters in January. It's certainly worth ninety minutes of your lives, I say.

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Anonymous said...

Saw this last night. Too bad you don't have any GIFs of Oscar Isaac bulging in his speedo.