Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who's Laughing Now

I spoke too soon last week when I posted about the rumors that Garret Dillahunt would be playing next season's big bad on The Walking Dead -- Dillahunt's out (if he was ever in) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is our man, bad bad man, baby. You can read about it at that link, I won't get into spoilers here, but they are still filming the currently airing season so... who knows when we might see him show up? Anyway I've dug Dean Morgan since he rocked The Comedian's face off in the Watchmen movie; he maintained my interest by getting naked on that show with the other half-naked hot dude (I'm too lazy to look up its name... Magic City! That's it). And now this... Jared Padalecki approves!


das buut said...

Damn that Jared. He always gets all the hot ones.

Mark Alexander said...

Bend me over and USE me, Jeffrey.