Monday, November 16, 2015

Who You Callin' Maricón

Today's hot news is that Lenny Abrahamson, the director of Frank and Room, is going to make the phrase "bisexual boxer" into next year's "gay cowboy" by making his next movie about Emile Griffith, the yes "bisexual boxer" who beat his opponent to death in 1962 after said opponent called him gay in front of everybody. Read more about it over at The Film Experience, where I just wrote it up. I'm especially curious about the book it's based on; have any of you read it? Sounds like a fascinating story. I have to admit I chuckled at this bit from Griffith's Wiki page:

"Griffith as a youth never dreamed of becoming a boxer and was discovered by accident. As a teen he was working at a hat factory on a steamy day when his boss, the factory owner, agreed to Griffith's request to work shirtless. When the owner, a former amateur boxer, noticed his frame he took Griffith to [the] gym."

Yeah I bet he did. "Let's keep you sweaty and shirtless, young man!" I've tried that line myself.

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