Monday, November 02, 2015

Red Rock

You guys should see my calendar for the next two months -- it's literally nothing now but movies at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, all day, every day. A month ago I told y'all about all of the series they have going on -- we're smack-dab in the middle of their Scary Movies program, and over the past few week or so they have announced the specific schedules for their Toddy Haynes retrospective and their Lynch-Rivette program, and then today came the avalanche of Douglas Sirk, which will eat up all of my holidays. Christmas Eve? Check! Christmas Day? Check! New Years Eve and New Years Day? Check and check and check! I'll have Rock Hudson running through my veins by the time they're through with me.


joel65913 said...

You've got some great films in the pipeline to see. I haven't seen all the Sirk films sadly but aside from classics like Written on the Wind, Imitation of Life and All That Heaven Allows some of the smaller ones are quite wonderful. Take Me to Town (with Ann Sheridan as the brilliantly named Vermilion O'Toole) and A Scandal in Paris are charmers. The Tarnished Angels, There's Always Tomorrow and Summer Storm (which has a beautiful performance from Linda Darnell who is almost supernaturally gorgeous) are sharp dramas. Interlude and All I Desire are superior melodramas, actually all the films have much that is worthy in them. The only one I actively dislike is Magnificent Obsession which is a bright, shiny and very pretty pile of gobbledygook.

Anonymous said...

Totes thought for like 5 seconds that he was the baldwin brother's dad. Daddy Baldwin. then i was like--nah. not hairy enough.