Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quote of the Day

I'm hesitant to post about Fargo today because I haven't had the chance to watch last night's episode yet and if anybody spoils anything for me I will burn the world to the ground and nobody wants that to happen, I don't think, but here we are, posting about Fargo, fingers crossed I can keep things together. In a new interview Details talked to Patrick Wilson (thanks Mac) about the show and as ever (we just went through this last week) Patrick Wilson always knows just the right way to steer a conversation...

DETAILS: Kirsten Dunst has said she got to pig out a lot because she didn't need to be so skinny for this role. Did you partake?
Patrick Wilson: No, not really—I wanted to be in good shape. I also wanted Lou to walk up and look like a force, to be steely and strong. There was a great gym around the corner. Even though I'm not disrobing in this one, I didn't let this one go.
DETAILS: You are known for showing your butt a ton onscreen, after all.
Patrick Wilson: All joking aside, I've done three or four times as many movies when I don't take my clothes off. I loved wearing a uniform, though, it felt odd if it wasn't on set and I had to wear a T-shirt and jeans. I felt very naked without my Golden Gopher uniform. I see why people enjoy uniforms in a strange way. You don't have to worry. It is what it is.
DETAILS: Ever walk around town or your house in the uniform just for fun?
Patrick Wilson: Only the hat. No, I'm kidding.


Bill Carter said...

No spoiler, but, after a great opening episode, this season's "Fargo" just gets better every week.

olins said...

I choose to believe he meant just the hat.

Aquinas1220 said...

Good to know Patrick likes wearing a uniform as much as I like seeing him in one