Monday, November 23, 2015

Matt Bomer, Movie Mogul

Matt Bomer, whose initials also stand for Most Beautiful, has lined up a new project! He's going to star in a pilot for Amazon based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's final unfinished novel The Last Tycoon, which was a riff on the 30s Hollywood studio system via the life of Irving Thalberg. Read about Thalberg here. Here's a picture of Thalberg with his wife Norma Shearer that I dig:

Five seconds later Joan Crawford pushed 
Norma over the side of that boat, no doubt.

I've never read The Last Tycoon because I always get so depressed and annoyed reading unfinished novels. Have any of you read it? I really should since Fitzgerald's my favorite author and everything, I just haven't been able to bring myself to it. Anyway Billy Ray, the writer of Shattered Glass and Captain Phillips, is behind this series. I was going to say something here along the lines of how down I am with all of this since "I love Hollywood in the 1930s!" but I'm a gay man so loving Hollywood in the 1930s is like DNA and shit. Matt Bomer's gonna look good in them costumes though. But what's going on with his Montgomery Clift bio-pic? Where is that?

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Rob K. said...

I will be very into this also. If all goes well with this production, maybe Mr. Most Beautiful might take on Tender is the Night.