Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Jones For Hot Dudes

Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones is currently at work on his Warcraft movie starring all of the random hot guys in the world -- Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell (sidenote: I want to see lots more Toby Kebbell and not in utter shite like Fantastic Four, please), Robert Kazinsky (see more here), Travis Fimmel (see more here), Ben Foster, Daniel Wu (see more here), Callum Keith Rennie (see more here), Daniel Cudmore (look at him!), some dude named Ryan Robbins (also hot!)... seriously, Duncan! Like a kid in a sexy candy store. A lot of these guys are going to be covered up in make-up and CG sadly, given the nature of the Warcraft beast, but that set was still a real sausage-fest and I look forward to the DVD's behind-the-scenes special-features. 

Anyway I point all this out for a point -- Duncan has announced the first news on his next project, the hard sci-fi flick Mute, and the first two fellas cast are Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd. Clearly, Duncan Jones and I have it in common that a life well lived isn't well lived at all unless you've got hot dudes everywhere around you to look at. Think back upon Sam Rockwell's star-lit showers and Jake Gyllenhaal's jumpsuits, and it all clicks into place. Bravo, Duncan. Bravo. Anyway you can read more about the actual movie of Mute at that link, if you want actual details or whatever. What do i look like? I got my own priorities...

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