Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jameson Parker Three Times

A happy 68th birthday to Simon & Simon star Jameson Parker, who was pretty integral to this child's development lemma tell ya what. We posted about Jameson once before when we ogled him (with bonus stache) recently in John Carpenter's film Prince of Darkness, in which he looks very very very very good. Bless the 80s.

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Anonymous said...

He's the reason I watched that show as a kid. I just looked him up to see what he looks like now (I'd still hit it) and read that in 1992 he was shot twice in Studio City by a neighbor over a dispute about dog feces and the guy got 9 years in prison for attempted murder. Jameson and his wife moved to the Sierras after that though he was still acting up until 2004 with guest spots on the show JAG. He's now a writer.