Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Alive Or Is It

I was tempted to title this post "Brad of Frankenstein" but even I couldn't get around the faulty logic - yes Angelina Jolie is the "Bride" of "Brad" but "Brad of Frankenstein" just sounds like Brad Pitt will be playing Frankenstein, and yes I actually spent time parsing this out, and yes I feel the weight of the loss of those seconds. 

Aaaanyway THR is reporting that Universal dumped a ton of money down their trash compactor on Angie's By the Sea (I hadn't read that the thing has only grossed 300K so far - even for a person such as myself that thinks box office is bullshit I can see that's gotta sting) just to try to get her to star in their Bride of Frankenstein movie. 

They are, perhaps you've heard, trying to create a great big shared universe a la the Marvel movies with their Monster properties - Dracula and Frankenstein and the Wolfman and the Mummy and the Creature from yonder Black Lagoon. It all seems kind of silly to me, even as a lover of those movies, but I'd love for them to prove me wrong. Still if there's one thing big studios have proven over and over and over again these past few decades it is that they don't know how to make big budget horror movies. These will no doubt resemble the Victor Frankenstein movie coming out this weekend, replacing scariness with great big fucking explosions. 

That said I can certainly picture Angelina as the Bride, can't you?

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