Monday, November 16, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #39

Robin: Could one of these lady vampires actually bite a guy? 
You know, like a teenage guy? 
Bookseller: Well how old would he be? 
Robin: Like, 18. 
Bookseller: Well I seriously doubt it. You see the 
female vampire needs the blood of a virgin, 
and an 18-year-old boy would hardly be a virgin, 
now would he?
Robin: Well just hypothetically, what if he was a virgin?
Bookseller: Well then I think he has a lot bigger problems 
to worry about than female vampires. [chuckles]
One more moment from Once Bitten, which just turned 30, because as I skimmed through it for the previous post I saw this scene and chuckled - how could I not? That sketch of the vampire bites with the fig leaf is too funny. And man I had such a pubescent crush on Karen Kopins. She's adorable right? Never understood why she didn't have a better career.


Pierce said...

Was this scene filmed in the Strand Bookstore? Sure looks like it.

Jason Adams said...

I had the same thought, Pierce, it looks like the Strand, but I seriously doubt it - this movie's set in Los Angeles and was as far as I know totally filmed there on location.