Thursday, November 05, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #35

Perhaps you guys recall that I was all excited that I was getting to see the 1988 killer-slugs movie Slugs on a big screen this past weekend? I was excited because, well duh, it's Slugs, but also because Slugs was filmed twenty minutes from the house I grew up in and I wanted to see my almost-hometown on a big screen, captured in all its, uh, glory. And there it is! That's the big fancy county courthouse right there. Thing is, I wish I knew whether they filmed the interiors in that building...

... because while watching the film this weekend I fell in love with the library where this Very Important Meeting happens. You know what's going on here without even needing to see the movie; this scene happens in every Animals Run Amok film -- the hero goes to The Powers That Be to warn them of the coming menace and...

... they make fun of him. Bastard People, all of 'em.
But the thing about that library in the background that's so cool? 

It's not noticeable at first, but look...

... it's got a secret door built into it!
Secret Doors make Libraries even better!
That's a rule. Just ask this guy:

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