Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #33


Hey Will Graham, I know it's in your job description 
but maybe don't be such a looky-loo?

You might end up finding things
that you're not prepared to find.

Yeah, like that.

Brett Ratner's 2002 film Red Dragon (I always feel the need to qualify that yes, this is the version of the story with Brett Ratner on it) was on TV the other night and I hadn't watched it in ages and I was amused to see that the opening several minutes are basically the entire first two seasons of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller's masterful television series, in miniature. You know, without all the horror and grandeur and awesomeness of what Bryan & Co. accomplished. There's even a reference to a Dr. Bloom! Oh and this shot rivals anything Hannibal accomplished for gayness:

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das buut said...

A very good movie, an even better series.