Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good Morning, World

How I managed to forget about this one is a mystery for the ages -- when the trailer first hit in 2013 we posted about a movie called Eden, which is about a soccer team getting stranded on a deserted island (think a sandy Alive), but then when it hit VOD just a couple of weeks ago into their little folders went the gratuitous pictures of stars Nate Parker & Ethan Peck, only to gather dust until this morning when I saw it's Nate's birthday today.

Yeah, I deserve that look, Nate. Happy birthday, anyway! Nate came up earlier this week in conversation on my post about who should play bisexual boxer Emile Griffith - I think he's good casting and not just because I want to see him play both bisexual and a boxer. He's been deserving of a meaty role for awhile now - he was my favorite thing in All Them Bodies Saints back in 2013. (ETA About half an hour after I posted this post news broke of Parker signing with CAA, which probably means better work ahead!)

As for Ethan, aka the grandson of Gregory Peck, well the boy's been working out, that much is clear! Click back on our gratuitous post about him back in 2012 to see his previous self, which was already looking pretty good, but he's gotten better. Anyway here's the trailer for this movie Eden:

It is available to watch at Amazon - somebody go tell me if it's worth the effort, and I'll repay your hard work with some more shots of these two after the jump...

Bonus shot of Nate in his cop uniform in 
Beyond the Lights because good goddamn.
See more of Nate right here.

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das buut said...

I vote they meet a pack of hungry cannibals. Sports pack mentality always makes me wish death upon people.