Thursday, November 05, 2015

Good Morning, Joel McCrea

The terrific and underrated Joel McCrea was born 110 years ago today! We've liked Joel very much in everything we've seen him in, although what we've seen him in probably hasn't been nearly enough given his fifty year career. 

Stepping aside from his undisputed classics like Sullivan's Travels, three films that he made in 1932 at the tender age of 26 are faves -- Bird of Paradise, The Sport Parade, and The Most Dangerous Game are all worth seeing, even if sometimes it's just for extensive locker-room scenes. (Cough The Sport Parade Cough.) 

Bird of Paradise has him in a skimpy sarong for 90% of the movie but it's actually an entertaining movie in its own right, nudity aside. Anyway we've posted some nice pics of Joel before, click here for that. (Oh and his son was terribly hot too, click here for a picture.) 

There shots here are from George Stevens' 1943 comedy The More the Merrier - a title that takes on special significance, seeing Joel standing there in the shower. I'm more and I'll make you merry, Joel!

But I actually haven't seen this movie; have any of you? The entire thing is uploaded to YouTube in chunks, click here for the first part. 

It co-stars Jean Arthur and Charles Coburn and the little bit that I watched (this scene) for this post looks delightful, I'm gonna have to watch the entirety when I get the chance. 

What's your favorite Joel McCrea movie?


sissyinhwd said...

The Palm Beach Story

sissyinhwd said...

Also love RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY with my boyfriend Randolph Scott

joel65913 said...

He made so many terrific movies it's hard to chose a favorite but I lean towards Sullivan's Travels since Veronica Lake is wonderful in that too.

More the Merrier is delightful, both Joel and Jean Arthur are great in it but the picture is stolen by Charles Coburn who won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor that year for his work in the picture.

Pierce said...

Yes, The Palm Beach Story and Christmas in Connecticut!

brotherfrancis said...

He's one of my favorites. He's also good in Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent.