Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good Morning, Gratuitous Reid Scott

It is Veep star Reid Scott's 38th birthday today -- thing I just learned looking at his IMDb page: he and I are only four months apart age-wise (yes, he's younger, sigh) and he grew up in Albany, New York, only a couple of hours from my hometown in Upstate New York. So basically we were best friends but we didn't know it at the time is what I am saying. Where's my invite to the Emmys, asshole?

Anyway I did some scouring to find skin scenes from Reid and save this one instance -- on some short-lived 2013 show called How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life); jeez there are more letters in that title than episodes that aired -- they either don't exist or nobody paid them enough mind to put them on the internet. I am fairly certain he's never shown any skin on Veep but it's not that kind of show - the most we ever got there was Christopher Meloni sticking his suit-clad ass in the air but Christopher Meloni has it written into his contract that he musy do something sexual on-screen every time he appears, bless him.

As for Reid, even if he's fully clothed in all of this I still gathered up a bunch of pictures of him cuz why not. It's his birthday! Looking at the shots I convinced myself he could probably play Farley Granger in a bio-pic? Anybody else see it? He's not as adorable as Farley but there's something similar going on, and I think he could channel him. Anyway hit the jump for the rest...


Mark Alexander said...

Not my usual type, but damn if he doesn't give me impure thoughts.

Remington said...

He is SO my type! :) I've loved him since I first saw him on the TBS sitcom "My Boys". He was so fucking cute and sexy on that show. His character was a radio host who always wore jeans and band t-shirts-he was the total opposite of Dan on "Veep". I'm still not used to seeing him wear suits all the time, lol! I'm glad you appreciate him as much as I do. Even if he went and got married and had a kid, which always makes a guy slightly less attractive to me, haha. That shirtless scene is the only one I've ever seen him in too. What a shame. :/ But better than nothing!