Monday, November 23, 2015

Chris Disappearing

Yesterday Chris Hemsworth posted that picture of himself skinnied down for his upcoming "man vs whale" movie In the Heart of the Sea, grossing out those who love him far and wide, forcing me to once again beg actors to stop doing this to themselves. Look at the magic that the special effects wizards were just able to do to Josh Hutcherson & Jena Malone in the latest Hunger Games movie -- there's no need for ruining your beauty for your art anymore, fellas! So let the ghost go.



joel65913 said...

It's not just their beauty that they damage but there is no way, no matter what their doctor says, that it can't have some effect on their organs, bones and long term health.

Anonymous said...

Yuk! I cannot vote for any of these

das buut said...

Thor, because he kept some of the muscle and didn't completely kill himself. Enjoy Type 2 Diabetes, fellas, just ask Tom Hanks.

Jake paid the price for this stupidity. His youthful beauty is gone forever. He'll always be hard and craggy now. Not that it doesn't work, it's just, not the Jake we fell in love with.

homeslaughter said...

Jake never looked better

Anonymous said...

where, where is the none of the above option?