Wednesday, November 04, 2015

"Are you having sex? With a GOAT?"

Chad Radwell, my beloved Chad Radwell, was looking a little skinny on last night's episode of Scream Queens, dontcha think? (gif via) Yes his abs are more defined than the last time he flaunted his shit but I liked him better before. Not that I'd kick him outta the frat bed, goat or no goat. And I imagine standing next to Emma Roberts would make anybody feel chunky. 

Aaaanyway I think both ratings & reviews for Scream Queens have been bad but I don't care, I love the show. Sometimes I think it would be better served by being half an hour long every week - it does drag at times for something that wants to be so bouncy. But "too much" isn't in Ryan Murphy's vocabulary, I get that. Mine neither! Hit the jump for seven more pictures of my new beloved Glen Powell photographed for Bello magazine...

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