Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Which is Hotter?

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables
or as Blackbeard in Pan?

I was thinking that JVJ was the most hideous that Hugh's looked before showing off this cockatoo pirate thing he's working for Pan, out in theaters in two days, but -- and not to persuade your votes here -- then I stumbled upon all these pictures of Hugh half-naked behind the scenes of Les Miz and now I'm not sure about anything anymore. Maybe I am into stringy dirty squealing bread-thieves now? Hit the jump for several more shots...


Joey said...

Valjean. I like my dirty men to have a need to prove their innocence.

das buut said...

I prefer Valjean. This A Crackhead on 34th St. version of Peter Pan deserves to be buried at the deepest mine shaft on the planet, along with the person who decided that making actor look like that made sense. That is a dangerously deranged person and only being sealed alive in a hot, dank place can spare the rest of humanity. Also, whoever decided Mara was a good choice for Tiger Lilly, burn them! Burn them with star fire!

Pierce said...

Look at that body! Is there any question?