Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Big Gay Apple

The 27th edition of NewFest,  New York's annual LGBT film festival, begins tonight with the new movie from Peter Greenaway called Eisenstein in Guanajuato... which I know in my heart I had a conversation about with someone in the past year with regards to the explicit sex scenes in this film...

... but I can find no record of said conversation anywhere. I'm starting to think I might have multiple personalities and we're just yapping about nonsense at each other constantly. It would certainly explain this blog! Anyway NewFest has got a great looking line-up this year, check it out at their site. I mean for one their Centerpiece Film is Todd Haynes' Carol! It doesn't get much more big-time than that business. 

I've already seen Carol twice though so what I'm most excited about are all the horror films - there are by my count four of them and they all sound interesting, involving everything from terrifying conservative families (we've all been there) to sexy new boyfriends turning out to be serial killers (we've all been there). I'm especially interested in Everlasting Love, a Spanish thriller about a student-teacher affair that they describe as "Stranger By the Lake meets NBC's Hannibal" -- I mean clearly you get why that is a description that appeals to me. Speaking of appealing...

Hello. Oh and they are showing the new documentary on Rainer Werner Fassbinder called Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands, which includes tons of never-before-seen interview footage with RWF right before he died, by his friend Christian Braad Thomsen.

Anyway I will be seeing and reviewing several of these titles over the next week so stay tuned! The fest runs tonight through Tuesday - here's a link to the schedule again, and here's the trailer:

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Ross said...

Don't get too excited about "Everlasting Love." We saw it at Outfest, and there were lots of walkouts. Hardly anyone stayed for the Q&A afterwards, and we only stuck around because we felt bad for the director. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't very good either.