Monday, October 19, 2015

Quote of the Day

"Charlize also auditioned, and I don't recall her having any problem with the nudity at all. She was good and wanted the part, but basically she was not well known enough at the time and just did not fit the part, so we said no... I have full respect for Charlize, but if she had been offered the part then she would probably have been chewed up in the same way they treated Elizabeth. She was very lucky that she did not get the part. I wish Charlize congratulations for that because it would have have been a miserable 20 years for her!"

--- That's Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven talking about what could have been (i.e. "No Monster Oscar for you!") at the New York Daily News - he also talks about attending the Razzies ceremony for the film and the sequel he and writer Joe Eszterhas had talked about doing before the movie flopped - it was going to be called Bimbos and it would've followed Nomi to Hollywood and I hate all of you people for making the movie a flop because that's why we can't have more amazing things!


Petey said...

Dear God, my eyes are failing me--I thought that was Taylor Swift in the pic.

Jason Adams said...

I almost commented to that end, Petey - she really looks like her! It's not just you

Rhubarb said...

You know there is a Showgirls 2 though?

Jason Adams said...

Oh I know, DR -- I reviewed that sucker way back when! :)