Monday, October 26, 2015

Pour Your Misery Down On Me

This weekend 90s Icon slash alt-rock goddess Shirley Manson turned Brooklyn into the Lollapalooza of my tween dreams by performing the entirety of Garbage's 1995 self-titled disc, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary (yeah we're all old now), along with a swath of their mid-decade B-sides up to and including "#1 Crush" from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack -- it was all Scot-accented swagger and sneer and girly pink punk fun. So much fun! I've seen the band three times in the past five years after never having seen them back in the day and I don't know how I lived without it. If you head over to our YouTube account I've got a playlist with five more videos but here's one to whet your appetite...


patuxxa said...

I'm pea green with envy. Still love that album up to and including #1 Crush.

Tyler said...

I was there too. You can actually see me in the front wearing a black baseball cap. :)