Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Laugh Like Fassy Depends On It

It is late, but here, let me quick share this before passing out on the floor -- my review of Steve Jobs is up over at The Film Experience, click here to read. I really fuckin' adored it, you guys -- it's not like I was not looking forward to it beforehand but I was not expecting to love it like I did. Anyway yeah that is there and here, meaning there above, is a picture of the Q&A I saw with the cast and crew at NYFF over the weekend, which I have already posted a couple of pictures of. I have no idea if these sentences are making sense by the way I am literally five seconds away from passing out. Bye!

PS I have a screening in the morning so we'll be getting 
to a late start, probably around 1pm or so. Deal!

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