Monday, October 12, 2015

Knock Knock in 160 Words or Less

Picture it: thirteen year old Eli Roth, a week after his horror-themed bar mitzvah, is set to spank it, but after locking the door to the downstairs bathroom of his parents' suburban Massachusetts ranch house he realizes he's accidentally folded the latest issue of Fangoria inside the latest issue of Penthouse Forum. Or was it the other way around? Did he get his Penthouse in his Fangoria? Either way, like with peanut butter cups, on that day a movie was born, and that movie is Knock Knock

K -- aka the deadliest of all Penthouse letters. It stand for "killin" and "knockers" and "karo syrup" and "more killin." Oh and Keanu! Let's not forget Keanu, the easiest and breeziest of all A-List Celebrities - writing a scene where his luscious locks are butchered in a Samson-esque violation is akin to sodomizing Vidal Sassoon with a broom handle. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the salon!


Adam said...

I was finally going to give Roth some creative credit for at least mixing up his shtick... but then I found out this is a direct remake of 1977's DEATH GAME. He's referenced it in interviews but more as "inspiration" for his latest. (The original's stars are producers on "Knock Knock" and one makes a cameo). It's basically the exact same film, minus the porny 70's music cues, and with the addition of Facebook and a more finite finale. I'm fine with him remaking obscure films, but we shouldn't give him more credit than is due.

homeslaughter said...

I'm still surprised at how much I liked this. The best element is how he keeps torturous slut girl tone going even when it becomes actual torture.