Monday, October 19, 2015

Ian Somerhalder's Cam4 Show

Well that just happened. This is
the sort of PR grab I will gladly fall for.


Bill Carter said...

Uh, you might want to put a NSFW warning on that.

JA said...

Oh shit he deleted his account and now the links are going to the main page -- it wasn't going there last night. Thanks for the heads-up Bill! I'll change it -- sorry everybody

guitreehill said...

Manycam is a software you can use to play videos as your webcam. Someone got one of his livestreams and pretended to be him.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me someone took caps. Did he get naked?

saahir said...

God, I hope someone posts a video of him on there. I didn't see this posted on any other sites so hopefully it comes out soon.

JA said...

I think that uitreehill is probably right about it, but either way he didn't do anything much on the video, I had it on in the background for about ten to fifteen minutes and he was just sitting there, as pictured, with headphones in. Although he did lean back with his arms behind his head once showing off his nice arms as he strecthed, but that was about as hot as it got.