Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Love The Last Man

I used to write with so much anguish when the possibility of the wonderful comic-series Y: The Last Man being turned into a movie starring Shia LaBeouf came up -- and it came up often for a few years -- but here we are and it's 2015 and I really don't hate Shia anymore, now that he's revealed himself to be a total mess and endeared himself to my crazy-person-loving ass. Oh he's not right for the role of Yorick Brown, last man on Earth; he's even less right now than he was all those years back. But I figured I'll illustrate this post with him & Yorick as a little olive branch to the past. But nobody go getting any old ideas! 

That was a lot of rambling to get to our point -- Slash is reporting that there's now, finally, talk of turning the comic-series into a TV series for FX. I can't believe it took them this long. The story begs for a longer form. But that said, the story does NOT beg for an infinite form - the books are finite, with a terrific ending, and I wouldn't want them to drag it out past what they have to say either. The Walking Dead comics are still going strong so that show can run on forever, but this ain't The Walking Dead. (It is so much better than The Walking Dead, you guys.) I also worry whether Will Forte's very funny comedy series The Last Man on Earth has stolen some of the book's thunder -- it actually has literally stolen some bits from the comics. (Hello, space astronaut.) Anyway as for casting I still think Logan Lerman would be great; he's actually finally getting to the proper age for Yorick too...

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Ampersand said...

Yeah, I've also fallen into irrational lust with Shia over the last couple of years but he's too intense for a character like Yorrick. Logan Lerman would be perfect (but then again Logan Lerman could be cast as Whitney Houston in a biopic of her life and I'd think he'd be perfect for that too). I just think this has so much potential; it's The Walking Dead (post-apocalyptic dystonian TV show) mixed with Orange Is the new black (female heavy cast). I had hoped it would be picked up by Netflix but I just hope FX don't fuck it up.