Friday, October 23, 2015

I Hate You, Tom Ford

Ugh! Stop rubbing it in, you bastard!

(pics via) Since we last saw Jake on the set of Nocturnal Animals just two days ago he's completely changed his look by taking a hefty weed-whack to his face. 

He looks great but the beard seems to have been covering up how skinny he is right now - from the side he seems practically Nightcrawlerish!


sissy in hwd said...

why is Ford wearing Mom Jeans?

das buut said...

Tom. Queen, you gonna say something about that belt but not them godawful designer jeans? Bitch, please! Switch it to wranglers and fire the costume department.

Also, girl, only you would get bitchy about a brown leather belt. You can take the director out of the fashion designer, but you can't get the fashion designer to realize those god damn pants need to go!

Carey 579 said...
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Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Tom's menswear collections? He does not deserve to be called a menswear designer. Suits and jeans&t-shirt is not fashion.